Issuer sponsored research to aid your investment decision making, available to all professional investors under MiFID II.

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While our research is issuer sponsored, we aim to bring you real insight into the companies in our universe. We will offer not only individual company notes but also thematic research on relevant industry issues. Our company notes include both bull and bear points, and upside and downside valuation cases.

We are not chasing a trade

We do not aim to tell you whether to buy, hold or sell any stock. Rather we hope to inform your decision making process and provide you with a deep understanding of the companies we cover.

More than issuer sponsored research

Our main research product is issuer sponsored but we aim to keep it independent and accurate – and specialised. We also have a corporate finance offering through our sister company Longspur Capital. As a result, we know that we may need to approach you for financings so we need to provide you with research that is credible and useful to you.

You may want more

We offer a full bespoke research service to fund managers. This can be simple scenario exercises or in-depth research into a particular company or market. Contact us for our charge sheet.

Longspur Capital is a clean energy specialist offering investment management, corporate finance and investment research.


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